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About Me

"Kate's extensive professional experience in helping people recover from serious illness makes her a world-leading trainer." 
Dr. Phil Parker

I've supported thousands of people who have been worried about or are in burnout to supercharge their resilience and breakthrough internal blocks so they can step into and liberate their own power.  


I have experienced chronic ill health, trauma, burnout, low self-esteem and anxiety and I have transformed my life and health using my programmes. I want to help you do the same, to either bounce back or to avoid rock bottom in the first place.

Over the past twenty years I have dedicated my life to empowering others, including:


  • as one of the world's most experienced Lightning Process Practitioners 

  • as a therapist and coach I have empowered tens of hundreds of my clients to live the life they love

  • as a director of a European disability charity I supported civil servants with disabilities across 18 UK government departments to break through the career glass ceiling

  • I created a programme to enable disabled children to have the same access to leisure as their class-mates

  • Supporting a number of charities that focus on removing barriers and empowerment

  • I supported Vodafone and Sky to make more a positive social impact in the world which in turn led to thousands of disabled people having greater opportunities.

"My mission and my purpose is to support thousands of women to live powerfully, not just to avoid burnout,
but to transform their lives."  Kate 
My Personal Experience

I have lived with burnout, feeling powerless, and that I'm just existing. I have experienced trauma, loss, mental health issues, long-term chronic health conditions and I have used the systems I teach to unlock my own personal power.


I've used them  to dramatically improve my health,  solidify my resilience and mental strength, build wonderful self-esteem, and lose a significant amount of weight. I am now living the life I always dreamed of,


I have  a loving family including five year old twins, and I've identified and am fulfilling my life purpose of  supporting other women to live powerfully too.

Professional Background

I'm passionate about what I do and I keep up-to-date with the latest neuroscience and evidence-based approaches across a number of disciplines.

I train and work with leaders in their field, including: 


  • Resilience with Dr Chris Johnstone 

  • Positive Psychology and Resilience with Hugo Alberts, PhD

  • Polyvagal Theory with with William Bloom, PhD

  • Chronic pain with David Butler, Associate Professor 

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP and Life Coaching with Phil Parker, PhD 

William Bloom, PhD and me

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