• Kate Gare

Celebrate Good Times: Why It’s Important to Recognise Our Accomplishments

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey

INTRO: As a society, many of our traditions are built around celebrations. Birthdays, weddings, new babies, graduations… we love to mark life’s landmark m

oments with our nearest and dearest.

We also tend to measure professional success when we reach our ‘big’ goals. And we can become so caught up in achieving our main ambitions, we miss recognising the many achievements along the way. And that is a shame, as there are meaningful benefits to appreciating our everyday achievements and the small steps we take towards our aspirations.

I decided to write this article after recently announcing that I had won an award for my expertise as a coach and therapist. Initially, it felt unnatural to me to ‘shout about’ my achievement. It is easy for me to feel incredibly proud of all of my clients and the transformations they have made. However, I had to think about how to tell the world about my own success in a way that I was comfortable with.

Perhaps it is because celebrating our triumphs is celebrating ourselves, which does not come easily to many of us. We love to celebrate other peoples’ success; yet I know when I was a child I was told not to ‘get too big for my boots’, so grew up with a belief that humility made me a ‘good person’. Combine this with a brain that had a natural negative bias (as do most peoples) and the result for me was never feeling good enough and viewing my achievements as without value or even things that should be kept a secret. And I know many others with similar experiences.

So, let’s change that! Starting here, with the top five reasons why we should strive to celebrate our successes – big and small:


If we are constantly working hard with little reward, we run the risk of burnout as well as losing sight of our purpose. We will find it harder to stay on track with our plans. However, celebrating the small wins is a highly effective motivator and can help us to keep pushing forward. Every successful step reinforces the significance of our commitment; why it is important to us and what inspires us to take the next action towards achieving our aims.

TOP TIP: Try breaking down your end goal into smaller milestones and recognise when you reach them. Each mini-goal will build up over time to lead you towards your future aspirations.


If every stumbling block is a chance to learn, then so is every win. Take a moment to reflect on how you have succeeded and recognise what worked and why. There may be things you can replicate and build on for other projects or goals.

TOP TIP: Keep a success journal to help remind yourself of everything that went well. This creates a brilliant resource to look back on when things get tough and will remind you of how you are moving forward.


There is no doubt that my wonderful clients inspire my coaching and therapy practice. Every one of them works hard to establish long-lasting change, and I encourage them to acknowledge every step of their journey towards transforming their lives.

Success is communicable. When we share our celebrations, we galvanise others to reflect on their own achievements and to acknowledge their own success. We can also encourage new ideas and new approaches that may enable others to accomplish their goals.

TOP TIP: Feel proud to announce your successes with the world (I am listening to my own advice here, I promise!). It can seem strange at first. Invite others to share what they are celebrating too and keep the wave of good news flowing.


It actually feels physically good to celebrate. This is due to chemicals such as dopamine that are released in the brain when we anticipate, and then achieve and appreciate something. Celebrating success also increases the levels of oxytocin and endorphins which make us feel more loved, valued and appreciated. Add a pinch of serotonin for greater focus and innovation, and you have the perfect chemical recipe for a ‘winner’s high’!

TOP TIP: Give yourself lots of opportunities to feel the content and motivational rush of success by setting and celebrating plenty of small goals. The chemical reactions in our brains will drive even more outcomes and, therefore, more triumphs.


Celebrating our accomplishments helps to cultivate an optimistic mindset. Life is all about balance. So if you constantly focus on the tasks you haven’t done or what needs to change, start to actively seek out and acknowledge the good stuff. You are then much more likely to see yourself as someone who is successful, rather than someone who is ‘trying to be successful’. This is so important for self-belief.

TOP TIP: Gift yourself time to see how far you have come on your journey towards your goals. Do not downplay your achievements, be proud and be your biggest fan. Every success you earn is a success for your overall passion and dream.

Kate x

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